Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Deployment: Round 1

Alright Ya'll! So Brandon has been gone a week now and it has been less than peaceful. On Sunday 30 Dec 07 I got real sick. It ended Friday. I didn't eat or anything for a week. I know bad news for this chick right. So that was the beginning.

Aidan has in one week dumped the remaining half of the goldfish food into the fish tank. There are only two small goldfish and I expect that they are going to be dead in the morning because all the food is gone. Yeah! He has thrown things at me. Tried to shut my head in the dresser door, told me to Eff off Mommy, thrown himself on the floor in the middle of Walmart, and the various other things that he has done. There have been the calm sweet moments but those are few and far between. He is having to learn that mommy is the boss and doesn't like it that well.

Caleb came back from his father's house Thursday. He flew by himself. I had to admit that he was growing up and that was compounded on Christmas when I found a gray hair. I was sad. Anyway, it was a relief to have him home. He got off the plane we got lunch, I took him to get two shots, and he went right back to school. He was so tired. Him and Russell stayed up the night before until 11 pm playing video games then turned around and got up at 2:30 am to go to Raleigh to come home. He was exhausted. Other than that he is good.

I finally feel good enough that I got my house clean again. I have got all the laundry done, dishes done, and I even made my bed. That was the hard one right there. I hate making the bed. It is so pointless. You are just going to mess it up. So for now the bed is made.

Today starts Round Two of the deployment and I'm sure there is plenty that will go wrong this week. On a side note, Brandon is there safely. He knows alot of the people there because he used to work with them at our last base. He called today and talked to Caleb, Aidan was sleeping.

Well that is all for now. I will post more next time.

All my Love~

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our day together

Brandon and I don't usually get to see each other much during the week. We work different jobs and he is back on the flightline so things get crazy. Well today we had one of the rare days that we get to spend time together on duty. First some basics.

In the military we have an annual requirement to go through Chemical Warfare Training. We go through a four hour class putting our chem suits and gas masks on and learning how to decontaminate ourselves and equipment in the event we are ever under attack. It is a whole lot of fun. Please feel my sarcasm on this.

Well today was that day for both of us. SO...we spent our morning playing war. YEAH US! We went over how to cover vehicles to keep them protected. How to properly inspect our gas masks and the things we need to look at to make sure they are serviceable. Then came the really fun part. We got into full chemical gear, mask and all, and formed into a line with 13 other people. Then we walked into the gas chamber. The instructors gave us a short briefing, then lined us all up. One by one people took off their masks then ushered out the door. Brandon went before me we were the 7th & 8th in line. I don't think he had too bad a reaction even though he inhaled a good amount of the agent. Out the door he went. Then it was my turn. The door shut behind Brandon and the instructor said wait. About a minute passed and then he said "Go ahead." I proceeded by taking my mask off, as I did my first instinct is always to breathe. So I did, and I opened my eyes. WOW!!!!! It burned. My lungs felt like they were on fire. It stung my eyes. I had water coming out of my eyes, drool out of my mouth, and snot out of my nose. We stood outside for about 5 minutes letting our gear air out. It was AWESOME!!!

After that we only had a few things left then we were done. I am just glad that we got to experience a gas chamber together. Let me tell all of you, there is no bonding like that which we experienced today. AND we have the military to thank. SO...THANK YOU MILITARY!!!!! I will now for go any other wonderful plans I have made with my husband because we have been gassed together and there is no more bonding we need to do. J/K. It will be a fun story to tell our grandkids. I just wanted to share.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Beginning

Well here we go.....Liz told me that I needed to do this so I am. OK and so did Anissa. So ladies here you go.

We made it to Utah. I'm sad to have left Germany but the change is good. We did the craziest trip ever to get here, but is well worth it. We saw so much stuff on the drive here. We went to Cabelas with my dad and played with guns in West Virginia. We went to the Football Hall of Fame in Ohio with my mom. (For those who don't know, CANTON OHIO IS THE BIRTHPLACE OF PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!! RECOGNIZE!!!!!!!!!!!) We also went to Build-A-Bear (will post pics later) with Nana and we all built a bear, even Brandon. They are so cute. We all, i do mean all even the kids, got thrown out of Wal-Mart in Missouri with Mema, Pappap, and Brent! Good family bonding time with my in law's. Then we drove, and drove, and drove. We had the best steaks ever in Grand Island, Nebraska. Went shopping in Laramie, Wyoming. And we saw some cool things on the way. All in all we visited WV, OH, IN, IL, MO, NE, IA, WY, KS, UT, and the boys went Oklahoma with Mema. We drove two vehicles halfway across the country. We must be crazy.

We found a house. It is about a third of the size as our house in Germany. So things are so cramped, but we are getting through it. We have most of the house unpacked and are working on the last two rooms. Now we get to deal with Christmas decorations as well as the last of the unpacking. Once I get the house together I will post some pics. Work is ok. We are going to be seperated for a few months due to work. It stinks but it is the job that we chose to do.

Oh, we got some snow today. The mountains are gorgeous. I love when the clouds lay over the tops of them then roll off the back to reveal a blanket on snow at the peaks. It is awesome. We are going to try to go snowboarding before he leaves but we'll see.

I'm tired now, so I'm going to bed.