Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Deployment: Round 1

Alright Ya'll! So Brandon has been gone a week now and it has been less than peaceful. On Sunday 30 Dec 07 I got real sick. It ended Friday. I didn't eat or anything for a week. I know bad news for this chick right. So that was the beginning.

Aidan has in one week dumped the remaining half of the goldfish food into the fish tank. There are only two small goldfish and I expect that they are going to be dead in the morning because all the food is gone. Yeah! He has thrown things at me. Tried to shut my head in the dresser door, told me to Eff off Mommy, thrown himself on the floor in the middle of Walmart, and the various other things that he has done. There have been the calm sweet moments but those are few and far between. He is having to learn that mommy is the boss and doesn't like it that well.

Caleb came back from his father's house Thursday. He flew by himself. I had to admit that he was growing up and that was compounded on Christmas when I found a gray hair. I was sad. Anyway, it was a relief to have him home. He got off the plane we got lunch, I took him to get two shots, and he went right back to school. He was so tired. Him and Russell stayed up the night before until 11 pm playing video games then turned around and got up at 2:30 am to go to Raleigh to come home. He was exhausted. Other than that he is good.

I finally feel good enough that I got my house clean again. I have got all the laundry done, dishes done, and I even made my bed. That was the hard one right there. I hate making the bed. It is so pointless. You are just going to mess it up. So for now the bed is made.

Today starts Round Two of the deployment and I'm sure there is plenty that will go wrong this week. On a side note, Brandon is there safely. He knows alot of the people there because he used to work with them at our last base. He called today and talked to Caleb, Aidan was sleeping.

Well that is all for now. I will post more next time.

All my Love~


SJSFalter+ said...

Deployments are not easy, good luck sweetheart. I has to get better, right?

Glad to hear Caleb is home. Flying by himself is definitely a sure sign he is growing up. Damn!

Take it easy and enjoy the "sweet" moments.


Sorry to hear that Brandon got deployed but it should go by fast for you. Look at the bright side though, at least he was home for christmas, and we got to spend some of the holidays together. We are starting to near the tail end of ours and what a battle it has been. I've been ready to tear my hair out somedays though. I'm done with Dr. appts. and trips to the ER. And I've had to put up with Tristan crawling into bed with me and informing me that he has "monsters" in his room. Not fun, but hope you feel better and keep your chin up! Keep yourself and the kids busy and the time should fly. Take care and chat later. Hopefully I get around to posting some more on my blog.

SJSFalter+ said...

You NEED to blog again. Pictures? Stories? A random act of nature? Hook us up. Hell Im even down with a Mormon siteing. You've got to have something.